Style of travel

Thanks to technology, we are suddenly aware that the world has become much smaller. Do we still care about geography or no longer want to travel perpetually?

When you plan your trip with us, the first question you can always expect is ‘What is your style of travel?’ This simple question sums up our philosophy of a new way of living while traveling. So, what’s your answer going to be?

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The Art of Travel

Some travel in search of adventure, some to escape a busy life. Others travel for work, while many travel to come home. The art of travel differs from generation to generation, and from people to people. This is ours, how about yours?


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I Participate

Learning should always be a possibility, yet it is not always easily available for the less privileged. We believe we can do something about this by starting with small steps, yet still making a significant impact.

Traveling with us is the best way to come closer to the daily life of local people. With Parallels and Meridians, you have the chance to impart your valuable knowledge, skills and art to them. So if you are an artist, a photographer, a cook, or think you have any skills you could share with a local community, please feel free to tell us, and we will organize a special activity for you at a right time and place to support them.

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When it comes to travel, I’m increasingly with Robert Louis Stevenson. “For my part,” he wrote in Travels with a Donkey in Cévennes, “I...

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While India is a country which is multilayered and resplendent, it is widely held that there is a sole reason to visit Agra and...

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Conversations with David LeFranc

David Lefranc, journalist, and photographer, has traveled the world and made his passion his profession. Constantly looking for highlights, he offers us the opportunity...

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Conversation with Michael Marquand

Your body of work focuses on travel, people, interiors culture and food. Why these characterizations? People and Travel came almost automatically as I always...

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