12 Hangover remedies: Around the world edition

By: Parallels and Meridians

It’s the holiday season, your birthday or just a night out, so you end up drinking shots after shots and chugging a can of beer, one after the other, while having a fun filled night. However, the morning after that drunken adventure, you feel like you can’t get up from bed because of a massive headache and stay away from any form of light! We’ve come up with a list of hangover cures from around the world that will make the next day so much easier to handle.

  1. Green tea, China
    Green tea isn’t just for fancy yoga instructors or the health conscious folks because it helps relieve your suffering after a night of excess drinking. This little miracle in a tea bag has been helping the (hungover or sober) world for about 4,000 years and it also helps prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s disease along with the benefits of making you feel like a normal human being after a drunken night.
  2. Bacon sandwich, UK
    Have you noticed that your body craves for some greasy carbs after a night out? It’s probably a sign from the above that that is just the thing you need! Eat up a hearty bacon sandwich, just like the Brits do and feel great; the University of Newcastle even has a research that proves its effectiveness!
  3. Cheesy Maggi, India
    We are pretty sure that a bunch of hungover college kids came up with this after a night of shenanigans and thanks to them! The carbs in the Maggi will help relieve the uncomfortable feeling in your stomach and the protein in the cheese will help your body in recovering fast.
  4. Pickled plums, Japan
    We know that pickled fruit isn’t the first thing that you might reach when your mouth feels drier than the Sahara after all that booze. Umeboshi, as they are traditionally called ­— sour plums, is Japan’s favorite hangover cure. It might give your Saliva glands a sucker punch but it’s worth it to make you feel less like a zombie and more of a human being.
  5. Butter milk, Scotland
    The Highland Fling is a concoction of buttermilk, salt and pepper and corn flour and helps in rehydrating your body and settles your queasy stomach while raising your blood sugar level to make your body feel awake. So do as the Scots do and feel like a highland king ready to take on the day!
  6. Prawn salad, Mexico
    Feel like a member from the Walking Dead show? Some Vuelva a La Vida salad, which literally translates to “return to life” will sort out that awful hangover you woke up with. This zingy combo of prawns, tomatoes, lime and onions may even become your favorite dish even when you are sober.
  7. Tomato juice and raw eggs, USA
    This concoction from the USA gives your body the vitamin boost that it desperate craves for after a wild night out. Add a little black pepper to a tall glass of tomato juice and raw eggs to get back to feeling less hungover and a whole lot better.
  8. Poutine, Canada
    This cheesy greasy hangover cure consists of potato fries drowned in cheese curds and some delicious brown gravy. It’s often served everywhere after the bars shut down in Canada because it wakes up your entire body and the deliciousness will make you feel less like a dead zombie.
  9. Pickled herring, Germany
    The Germans are known for their alcohol but what they are also known for is the pickled fish after a night of excesses. Katerfrühstück consists of herring fillets wrapped around gherkin slices or onions and ends up being an amazing hangover breakfast that restores all the electrolytes you lost (and hopefully the memory of your drunk antics).
  10. Pickle juice, Poland
    Chug down a glass of some pickle juice like the Polish do after a drunken night and though you may feel like your taste buds are dying from the sour taste, it’s also killing your hangover.
  11. Jumbo Breakfast Roll, Ireland
    This trusty sandwich consists of an Irish fry up stuffed into a French baguette and is a delicious hangover cure in all Irish homes. Wake up your senses and feel like you want to paint the down red again tonight!
  12. Beer, Netherlands
    We saved this one for the last because it really is the last resort after everything else fails. The hair of the dog, as it is normally referred to, means that you guzzle some more beer to prevent the nausea you feel when you’re hungover. Be careful however because you might end up needing another hangover cure to cure this hangover cure if you over do it.


12 Hangover remedies: Around the world edition
Parallels and Meridians

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