4 beaches you need to see in Myanmar

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Myanmar is an unexplored territory with a thousand kilometers of pristine shore lined with beautiful beaches which has in the recent past opened its gate to the world. So when we talk about beautiful beaches in Asia we hardly think about Myanmar being a contender. But beautiful things are always hard to find and are hidden from the popular eye. Such are the beaches of Myanmar – unexplored, raw, spectacular. The best time to visit the beaches is from Dec- Apr since the beaches are closed during the Monsoon.


 It is the most underestimated and secluded beaches in the country though the beauty of the beach is unparalleled. The crescent shaped beach is lined with huge palm trees on beautiful white sands stretching into clear turquoise water. Virtually an empty beach to while away time, an ideal dream for a beach lover.


It is one of the most well-known beaches in Myanmar. This beach is located in the state of Rankhine, in western Myanmar. It is along the beautiful Bay of Bengal and sunsets are pure magic on this beach. The nearest airport is the Thandwe airport about 4miles from this beach and a one side flight ticket will cost $100 – $150. It takes approximately 18 – 20 hours to reach this place by bus from Yangon, which is not recommended.

Exploring the surroundings

Thandwe market offers fresh seafood and is adjoining the rural village.

Zalun Monastery, which houses the relics of the Sayadaw u Sujata can be seen through a glass box. Jade taw fishing village and other fishing villages in the vicinity can be explored on a bike and fresh seafood here is a delight to the taste buds.

Black Sand Island called the Zalat Htone Island is also a popular attraction among tourists.

Pagoda_at_Chaung_Tha_Beach (1)



This beach is located around 5 hours’ drive from Yangon and is the closest beach to the former capital, Yangon. It is the most down to earth beach flocked by maximum number of locals.

Local attractions

There are several offshore islands to be explored by hired boats, where you can snorkel around. It is more affordable than Ngwe Suang and Ngapalli. The major attraction is a small pagoda built on a limestone boulder at the southern end of the beach. Surrounding fishing villages and tidal mangrove forests are also popular amongst the tourists.


If you want to cut yourself off from the online world and absorb the beach beauty this is the place to be. This beach shares a 14kms long shoreline with Bay of Bengal’s turquoise clear waters. This Beach lies little south of Chaung Tha beach but serves a completely different vibe. Most visitors on this beach are foreigners thus this beach offers luxury beach front resorts. It is hard to find budget options in the area. There are high end restaurants along the beach which serve gourmet seafood. It is a place to unwind from the busy city life.


It is located 260kms west of Yangon and can be reached by buses which could approximately take 5 hours to cover the distance. Once there, people can rent motorbikes.


You can explore the Lovers Island to the south of the beach when the tide is low. A small boat can be hired for a day for 80 Kyats and fishing could be done in the Bay of Bengal. Snorkeling could be done to explore the corals. Good birding experiences at the Ngwe Saung Dam and surrounding areas are popular as well.


This beach has still not touched any sign of development along the seashore and is the most pristine beach in Myanmar catering to very few visitors. The beach is about 4 – 5 km at a stretch with shallow waters. The sand on the beach is yellow and a bit coarse.


Kanthaya Beach is on the Bay of Bengal in Rakhine State, about 100 km south of Ngapali Beach.


Among its main attractions are: the offshore islands and reefs that can be visited by boat; many types of tropical birds that can be spotted from the beach.

4 beaches you need to see in Myanmar
Parallels and Meridians

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