4 tips for you to beat Delhi’s heat

By: Parallels and Meridians

The idea of a summer in Delhi may be filled with fun pool parties while sipping cosmos by the water, but the reality is far from it— dehydration, exhaustion and other heat related issues are the realities of the season. With the effects of global warming being felt everywhere, Delhi is showing its signs too with a temperature of more than 40 degree Celsius! Times like this is where you try to come up with ways to stay cool and make summer fun again and our rundown of 4 things to do to beat the Delhi heat and stay calm and cool:

  1. Make hydration fun
    Even though it’s one of the most known tips, it cannot be stressed enough because we often forget to carry a water bottle while going outside and end up buying and drinking over sweetened coffees and colas which do more harm than good. But yes we do agree that drinking water can be sometimes boring and so adding sliced strawberries or cucumbers along with a dash of lime juice and few mint leaves can add some fruity zing to your water making you want to keep sipping it throughout the day. Also coconut water stands are present throughout the streets of Delhi and then can definitely help recharge all the energy you lost in the heat.

  2. Eat right
    You lose a lot of water and minerals when you sweat and hence consuming food like fresh green salads, watermelon, cucumbers etc. can restore the water you lose throughout the day while giving your immunity system the boost it so desperately needs this summer. Say goodbye to oily street food and unhygienic cut fruits sold on the road because it’s been exposed to heat, dust and germs than can ruin your summer and your health.

  3. Look summer ready
    This summer make a style statement while staying cool in cotton clothes that let your skin breathe. Go for whites and light pastel shades embracing the summer season. Avoid form fitting or heavy clothes so that you don’t feel over heated while stepping out. Invest in a good pair of shades that protect your eyes from the heat and while making you look extremely trendy!

  4. When you feel overheated, the best thing to do is practice some yogic breathing. Start by curling your tongue by pulling both the side towards the middle and then continue to take breaths in through the mouth. Inhale deeply and then exhale through your nose after holding your breath for a couple of seconds to bring down your body temperature so you don’t go berserk in the heat.
4 tips for you to beat Delhi’s heat
Parallels and Meridians

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