7 secrets to make your first family trip a great one

By: Parallels and Meridians

Planning a trip for the first time with your family can be a little tricky but an extremely fulfilling experience as it can give you and your family a break from routine and also a chance for each member to know more about the other. Spending quality time with one another while exploring a new place can be quite an adventure. So pack your bags and tell your family (however big or small) that some new memories are going to be made on this first vacation together! We bring you a list of 7 tips that can make our first time so much less stressful:

  1. Jot down interests of your family
    If one belongs to a sporty family who enjoys going on hikes, being a part of adventure sports or swimming, it is best to come up with places that have these facilities and are known for it like Spain. If your family loves culture and adventure, places like India can be chosen as it is famous for the perfect marriage of tradition and a plethora of colors and tastes which your family may enjoy. The first and the most important step is making sure that your family’s desires and interests are kept as a priority while planning the trip’s location and itinerary.
  2. Keep your budget in mind
    Defining your budget for the trip with your family is very important: transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost will vary from country to county but its best to look up cheaper options if you’re on a tight budget. There are plenty of apps and websites that provide budget friendly packages which include everything from travel tickets to accommodation to food and activities on the trip.
  3. Prepare the final itinerary
    After booking the tickets and accommodation, plan the activities of all the days you and your family are going to be there. Try not to pack in all the activities tightly in a day, leave some space for impromptu shopping or a visit to some place which you may discover after you reach the spot. Also find out the local cuisine and places you can visit to get a taste of it.
  4. Pack like a pro
    When one is done deciding the location and itinerary of the vacation, the next most important thing to do is pack like a pro for it. Keep in mind the weather and start packing for it a week before the travel date so that you don’t forget the essentials. Instead of packing all your new undergarments, pack old ones so that you can toss them after one use and make enough room in your suitcase for some souvenirs. Roll your clothes instead of folding them and place the heavy clothes on the bottom of the suitcase and a Ziploc bag filled with toiletries on the top for easy access.
  5. Be prepared
    Make a checklist of all the travel documents and other items you will be taking on the trip with you. Keep a small first aid kit with over the counter medication for cold/cough, headache, allergy, muscular pain, anti-bacterial cream, band aids etc. Also make sure to keep a list of all the clothing and other items in your luggage to make sure that you don’t leave anything behind. Keep a small bag or purse to keep your passport and id/travel tickets for easy access if you’ll be going from place to place.
  6. Keep important numbers handy
    The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding out important numbers in the country you’re going to be vacationing in. Instead of saving important numbers on your smart phone, jot it down in case your phone dies when you’re out and about without your charger. Make sure to have numbers of at least a couple of medical centers, police stations etc. numbers in case of any emergency you may have during your vacation. Also, include numbers of family or friends who aren’t on the trip with you and make sure to keep them informed of the places you’ll be visiting and when you’re expected back.
  7. Leave the expectations at home
    You and your family may be super excited to go on this trip and the kids probably have been waiting for it all year long. And maybe your parents are getting all misty eyed thinking about all the intimate bonding moments or great memories that will be made on this trip, but it’s important to sit everyone down before the trip and come to terms with the fact that though everything may be planned, not everything might go the way it is supposed to. You may end up fighting on the trip with one another, get food poisoning or maybe the weather may not cooperate. Nevertheless, it all comes down to the experience you have on the trip even though the ride may be a bumpy one, the memories made will be one of a kind and that’s all that matters.
7 secrets to make your first family trip a great one
Parallels and Meridians

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