8 reasons to go on that all girls trip

Just like the trip Carrie and the gang take on Sex and the City or the one the girl gang takes on Angry Indian Goddesses, we’ve all been inspired to pack our cutest dresses and our sexiest bikinis and head off on a girls only getaway vacation, but never got around to do it. A girl’s only trip can help you discover so many things about your best friends and most important of all — a side of you that you never knew existed.

Yes, we love our girl gang because we bring out the best in each other and so we’ve come up with a list of reasons why you should pack your bags and grab your best friends’ hands and head off into one of the best adventures of your life:

1. You can unleash that wild side of yours

In college you might have been a crazy party animal and after getting married or after getting a job, you barely went out or partied and almost forgot that side of yours. When you’re around your girl gang, they remind you exactly how many shots you would drink in college and what a hot dancer you were back then, and let you unleash that wild side of yours. And the best part is there is no judgement because you love each other for every little quirk of yours. So this vacation, slip into that body con dress and party the night away with your favorite ladies and just let go!

2. No judgement

Fart and laugh about it. Drink wine straight from the bottle. Binge on all that creamy pasta at 1 am in the morning and dance like no one is watching.  When you’re with each other, you don’t have to worry about being judged for not shaving your legs or sleeping naked or anything as a matter of fact that you’d feel uncomfortable doing in front of other people. No one judges each other and you become each other’s partners in crime for any crazy stunt you want to pull during the vacation.

3. Complain about the men in your life

You may be 20 or even 40, but you can tell your girls every single detail about how annoying your boyfriend is sometimes or how he keeps forgetting your anniversary because they love to listen to all your stories and offer advice when required. You can even tell them about the time he made you go crazy in bed or that guy at the club who you’re crazy about and can’t stop fantasizing about. Boy talk sessions late at night or while at the beach while sipping cocktails is one of our favorite reasons to go on an all girls’ trip because it makes you feel so much lighter.

4. It changes the way you see or think about things

Travelling makes you see things very differently and see yourself in a whole new light too. When you’re travelling with your favorite ladies, the journey and the people part of it make you see life from a different perspective. The amazing journey and all the adventures with your girls might remind you how much you were missing in life and what exactly you need to do to be happier.

5. Trying new things

From cheese stuffed pasta shells to that delicious slice of apple cheesecake or jet skiing or even mountain climbing, you end up trying new things and making your own adventure. And the best part about this is that you end up trying new things that you never dreamt of doing or always wanted to do but couldn’t do it alone. Your favorite girls will make every day an amazing adventure!

6. All the sharing

Forgot that sexy black dress you thought you’d wear on a night out? Your friend has got you covered. Don’t have a blow dryer? You friend blow dries your hair to perfection with hers. Your job stressing you out?  Blow off all that steam by talking to your girls. From sharing ice cream in bed to sharing clothes to even kajal, your girl gang has your every need covered.

7. Shop till you drop

Having your best friends tell you what you look best in and what doesn’t really flatter your features makes for the best shopping trips. It doesn’t matter if you’re in an expensive store or even a flea market, your girls will shop with you till you drop and let you know exactly what you should buy.

8. Take relaxation to the next level

Not having to worry about your job or what you need to cook for lunch or any other responsibility because you’ve left all that behind and the stress that remains is relieved by endless talking sessions with our ladies. By the end of the trip you’ll feel like a new person who has let go of all her troubles and worries and is ready to take life by its horns.

8 reasons to go on that all girls trip
Parallels and Meridians

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