What makes us different?

For all of us at Parallels and Meridians, travel is not just a verb.

Travel is the profound action of embarking on a new adventure, being in a new destination and acquiring a fresh perspective. Travel is less of the sightseeing and more of the experience. It is delving deep into a culture and making attempts to understand and empathise, as opposed to just being an onlooker in a foreign land. If you seek redefinition in your ideas about travel, then we think we’re what you’re looking for…



The Art of Travel

Some travel in search of adventure, some to escape a busy life. Others travel for work, while many travel to come home. The art of travel differs from generation to generation, and from people to people. This is ours, how about yours?

Find inspiration and ideas for your travel on our website and brochures. When you are ready to plan, contact us for advice, and together we will plan a memorable trip.
Planning and polishing
Our travel specialists will carefully prepare a tailor-made itinerary for you and present it to you in detail. Your itinerary will be refined and polished until you are satisfied and happy.
Staying in contact
Our service continues after you commence traveling to your destination. You will be in the care of our capable partners overseas, or you can contact us 24/7 on a special number.
Not only is Parallels and Meridians registered with travel associations in our destinations, our partners are trustworthy and reliable. With us, you can travel with complete peace of mind.

I Participate

Learning should always be a possibility, yet it is not always easily available for the less privileged. We believe we can do something about this by starting with small steps, yet still making a significant impact.

Traveling with us is the best way to come closer to the daily life of local people. With Parallels and Meridians, you have the chance to impart your valuable knowledge, skills and art to them. So if you are an artist, a photographer, a cook, or think you have any skills you could share with a local community, please feel free to tell us, and we will organize a special activity for you at a right time and place to support them.

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Style of travel

Thanks to technology, suddenly we all realised that world has became much smaller. Do we still care about geography or no longer want to travel perpetually?

We believe travel is important for all of us, as is achieving our career goals or enjoying a happy home-life.

So when you plan your trip with us, the first question you can always expect from us is ‘What is your style of travel?’ This simple question sums up our philosophy of a new way of living while traveling.

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