Conversations with Rob and Nat of Love & Road

Traveling is truly an incredible experience in itself; it is even better when you get to share the journey with your favorite person. The pair behind Love and Road— Rob and Nat, does this exactly. They have traveled to over 41 countries and counting, embracing fully a nomadic lifestyle. They recently spoke to us about life as a nomadic couple— the struggles and perks of traveling full time with your person.

Who are Rob and Nat?
First things first: we are Brazilians and we used to live in a small city called Itajaí, south of Brazil. To make a long story short, our tale started in 2006, after some months of being together we made our first lovely trip. We went to Buenos Aires to attend an Electronic Music Festival and got bitten by the “travel bug.” One year later we found ourselves moving to Dublin, Ireland.

(Nat) I’m already in my thirties, and finally, I realized that life is so much easier when you smile and stay positive. Don’t waste time with things that aren’t worth it. I’m a journalist, I have worked as a reporter, news reader, TV presenter, shop manager and I have owned a Beauty Salon.

Rob has worked for 15 years in the shipping industry. Vessels, ports, and containers were his universe. It’s so good because he knows where all the ports, cities and countries are; he is almost an atlas book. Patient and a little bit more serious than me, Rob is a sports enthusiast. From surfing to triathlon, from snowboarding to running, he is always involved with some kind of sports activity.

You have been consistently traveling for about two years now. Tell us about your experience.
It has been absolutely great. We work a lot to sustain this lifestyle but we love what we do. The freedom to work from anywhere (as long as there is Wi-Fi) on our own schedule and being together 24/7 is priceless. We have visited incredible places that we had never dreamed about.

What are the high and low moments in your travel as a couple?
To share incredible moments together, this is awesome.
The toughest part of this lifestyle is to be far from our family, friends, and people we love.

According to you, what would be the three most important things to keep in mind for couple travel?
You must absolutely love and respect your partner and must understand that not every day will be a good day. There will be ups and downs, and you have to learn to let it go, otherwise this will affect your relationship.

While traveling, how can a couple balance out individual preferences?
I have to say that we are very lucky to have pretty much similar taste for everything. We both like to party, beaches, sports, to work like crazy. During those 2.5 years of full-time traveling, we went solo in a few trips. It was weird and good at the same time.

We realized how we enjoy being together but also how important is to be alone from time to time.

How are Latin American travelers different from the rest of the world?
We are more concerned about safety; unfortunately, South America is not safe as Europe or Asia. On the bright side, I believe we are up to anything, we will enjoy the beach even if it’s raining, and everything is an excuse to party, drink and meet friends.

Where are you headed next?
Right now we are in Chiang Mai, Thailand, getting work done and planning 2 trips. On December we will travel with friends around the Thai Islands. On Christmas, we fly to Oslo, Norway. It will be 2 months exploring Northern & Central Europe during winter. Can’t wait!

Parallels and Meridians
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