If only everyday was like that – A day in New Delhi

Some days are just different from the rest, I don’t know how to give give a more vivid explanation. Okay, what if I give you an example of one? Better idea. Let’s start.

Offices are really good. After all, when you first join, you feel you have all the freedom in the world, you are all grown up. But you know what’s even better? You don’t have to study anymore!
But for how long does this love affair with your office continue? A month, maybe two at most. After that all you see is a wearisome table, dull people, uninteresting work etc etc etc. Just the word, OFFICE, seems like the most boring word in the world. You stray away from the idea of hearing this word. And yes, I am no different.

Do you think I am overreacting? A bit maybe. Anyway, where were we? Oh yea, that day!!

One fine day, we all decided to go around Lutyens’s Delhi in an Ambassador car. The idea thrilled me. So, it was I and four other people in my office going for a work trip. Work trip? Well, it was more a photography trip (if that’s a term). Our first stop was Khan arket. Khan market is just the best thing in India. Okay, if I like it, that doesn’t mean that everyone will. But how can you not like it? You know what is so unique about this market? It so creatively epitomises Indian culture and is yet so international. From kids and teenagers to the middle-aged and elderly, Khan market is Delhi’s favourite. Spread the word. Okay? Not that I own Khan market, but still. Haha..

What next? We finally decided to go to Rashtrapati Bhavan. I am born and brought up in New Delhi. That means I have been here for the past 22 years. But on this day, I had my first close encounter with Rashtrapati Bhavan. It’s beyond fascinating, it’s just something that you need to see in order to understand the city and its past. The President of India is a lucky man, if I may say so!

The last one: Lodi gardens. I don’t think I need to talk about it because who does not know about it? We went, marvelled at its beauty, clicked about a million pictures and then came back to our “wonderful” office. And that was it!

Okay. see you guys soooon!

Aishwarya Suri

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on Sep 06, 2017

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