First time to Amritsar

Peaceful, tranquil, serene, crowded, beautiful and endlessly mesmerising! Throughout history, art world giants and enigmatic personalities have been raving about this gold building this way but for me it was way beyond everything! As soon as I stepped my foot down the stair from where I could unambiguously see the gold building, silence eloped me, things changed, I didn’t know what to do, to say or ask!

I had never experienced this before in my life and that feeling is inexplicable. White and golden buildings, people taking bath in the river to the beautiful marble walkaway, this ten minute walk to the Sikh temple is something I will remember for about ten generations. The journey to the Golden temple began prior to this, as we started walking along the red cobbled streets with Victorian lights and local shops. This street billowed out liveliness and was as vibrant as the people that walked through it. Not only this, the temples around the streets were all of a different colour! This street without any doubt is India’s Bond street without an LV store, though

Aishwarya suri

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on Dec 04, 2017

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