Five big travel fears and how to overcome them

As human beings most of us are so comfortable in our own shell. Many of us don’t like change, especially when it comes to food or waking up somewhere other than your home. This could seem like a small problem, but trust me, it could be a big hindrance between traveling and you. Once in a while order something different from the menu in a restaurant, which is not even remotely close to what you usually order. Start small and conquer the bigger fears, break those walls of insecurity and explore the world!

Fear of being in an unknown place

Traveling to an unknown place can be quite nerve breaking for a lot of people. It is difficult to judge what exactly triggers that fear in someone, but I also believe it is justified. Being in a place where you don’t understand the culture, the language, the food, so on and so forth can be quite scary.

One of the better ways to overcome this anxiety or fear, is by learning a little about the place you are traveling to, beforehand. Learn a few words from their language, just the basics will do – thank you, welcome, please, sorry, etc. Learn the do’s and don’ts, have an idea of the distances between point A to point B and also very important, learn the correct pronunciation of the places. This way no one can take you for a ride!

Fear of getting lost

This is quite similar to the one mentioned above, which is the fear of being in an unknown place. They kind of go hand in hand, but needs to be understood separately. While traveling anywhere in the world, we often fear or have this question in mind – what if I get lost? You have probably done your homework before heading out, but you still have that iota of doubt. Well, it is quite natural.

There are no hard and fast rules of how to overcome this doubt. It will probably remain in your head, but suppressed. The key is to be as confident as you can be, especially if you are doing this alone. When you are with a group it makes the worry a little less. Carry a map at all times, treat your personal guidebook as your bible, and find friendly faces when you need help – this world is full of them. With the right kind of attitude, you will always come up with a solution to overcome this anxiety of getting lost.

Fear of being robbed

We watch the news, listen to the radio, read the paper and also hear stories from people who have travelled extensively. The media can often exaggerate or blow a situation out of proportion to increase their TRP. So don’t believe everything you see or hear on television, or any other modes of information. While some part of it may be true, but not all of it. And what happened to someone else in a trip, doesn’t necessarily have to happen to you.

It is important to be cautious while traveling, but don’t look nervous at the same time. Without realizing it, you might be drawing unwanted attention, which in turn can lead to mishaps. Avoid carrying expensive things, such as – fancy watches, jewelry, bags, cell phones, etc. Especially when you are depended on the local mode of transportation. Keep everything that, you think might interest someone, in a secured bag. Don’t let this worry you, or stop you from seeing the world.

Photo credits : Shagufta Rahman

Photo credits : Shagufta Rahman

Fear of trying something new

What is the worst that could happen when you try something new? In my opinion nothing really major. It is all in our head – not your fault, because that is how humans are wired. Never tried bungee jumping – what if the rope breaks mid-way? Honestly, this is one question that always finds its way in my head. Don’t get me wrong here now, that’s just in my head, and I am normally a very paranoid person, doesn’t have to be you!

Conquering this fear, for me is the biggest challenge. But, it is completely possible. Watch videos of the things or activities that you would like to try – gives you an adrenaline rush every time you think about it. Seeing the people in the video happy and exhilarated will boost your spirits. Talk to experts or friends who have already done what you have only thought of, and chickened out. When you make up your mind, just go for it, thinking twice is a big mistake. Once you go through with it, imagine the feeling of being liberated, and the number of times you get to narrate the story in front of people. So what is the worst that could happen?

Fear of running short of money

Whenever I plan to go someplace, there is always a certain budget that I work on, for myself. I am pretty sure most of us do that. And why not? It is quite important to be prepared before reaching the place, and then wondering about the money. Do I still fear of running short of money while I am already traveling? The answer to that would be a big YES!

This isn’t rocket science, but it is a fear that most of us need to overcome. Create a proper plan, for instance – book hotels in advance, travel cheap/in budget during your trip (use public transportation), make sure to pay your credit card bills before heading out of home, and lastly keep some emergency sock money. The last one always helps, because we tend to forget that there is money in our extra pair of socks tucked away in one corner of our bag. When you need it most, before panicking, take a moment and then, voila – sock the saviour.

I hope this helps in bringing out the little traveller in you. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch. Happy traveling!

Barsha R.D
She likes all things with pork and loves traveling with her furry friend.

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7 responses to “Five big travel fears and how to overcome them”

  1. Alexa says:

    Thanks for a great point. The one very beautiful thing about travelling is the experience. An experience of new destination, food, amazing landscape or meeting interesting people. Like you said, it will be pity to hear about fear holding people back from travelling.

  2. This is fantastic, I agree with you all the way. Most often we never think things through properly specially when it comes to travel however after reading this it has made me want to explore and travel more only this time experiencing everything in planned, less stressful way of enjoying my trip. Great Stuff !!!!

  3. Shaveer says:

    Apt and definitely covers the big 5 issues of travelling. Appreciate the fact that magic happens when you leave your comfort zones.This has just encouraged me to venture out again!! Bon Voyage 🙂

  4. Heaven says:

    I went to tons of links before this, what was I thkngini?

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