How to Get Lost

By: Parallels & Meridians

Yesterday, we were in Greece overlooking a sea so mesmerizing blue, in fact, it was almost enchanting. A couple of minutes later, we were hiking through the mountains of the grand Yosemite National Park only to find ourselves staring at the Great Walls of China! Please allow us to tell you, it was quite an experience — three continents in one evening! We bet you’ve never experienced that, or have you?

When too many images of empty roads leading up to fog-filled mountains appear, that element of mystery slowly fades away and the image becomes just another image. In this age of social media, where one can scroll up or down never ending feeds and see the world through the lenses of friends and random people, there is a chance of losing the wonder in travelling. After all, we’ve seen thousands of pictures of the Eiffel Tower, haven’t we? Perhaps there is no need for us to actually go see it, for all we know Paris could just be a place romanticized by novels and movies like Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen. Or maybe, just maybe, the magic could be true, yet we will never truly know till we experience it for ourselves.

They say, you can travel in different ways; literature, photographs, films, music, visual art, and simple conversations spiced with a little imagination, but is it enough? Is scrolling through our Instagram feed enough? Should we be satisfied flipping through our travel magazines while simply reading the experiences of others when we can actualize travel for ourselves? We say no.

We say let’s pack our bags, book a flight to somewhere, take a road trip, learn new languages, adopt some tradition foreign to us and just embrace travelling. We say let’s not be comfortable simply scrolling down our phones and tapping that heart button for someone else’s photos, rather, let’s take those photos ourselves! We say let’s travel somewhere, somehow, no matter how difficult our circumstances are — travelling changes our circumstances by changing our perspectives.

How to Get Lost
Parallels and Meridians

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