India’s must see: Udaipur

Udaipur, Rajasthan

She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes;

Thus mellowed to that tender light which heaven to gaudy day denies.
Udaipur, certainly there is not a corner of this place that does not bear the impress of the most romantic city in India. Each building resonates this emotion. Royal attractions, ancient architecture, magnificent palaces, the art and buzz of the old bazaars add an impression of the Rajas and Rajwaras.

Welcome to Udaipur, India’s must see!

Located in the state of Rajasthan, to the south of Aravali Range, the city of Udaipur was founded by Maharana Udai Singh as the capital of Mewar Kingdom. The very old tales and influence of its past rulers is very much alive and so the very air seems to sing ballads of warriors and their chivalry. Mighty forts, ancient temples, Old palace hotels along with traditional folk dance and music; magnify Udaipur’s charm. The city’s architecture boasts the bittersweet stories of the years bygone. Udaipur is also enlisted as a prime wedding location. Tales of royal love boasts the rich history of the city. At present, one can enjoy peaceful boat rides in lake Pichola, witness beautiful sunsets and take pleasure by staying at an 18th century fort palace. Aah!

Flags at Jag Mandir Palace on Pichola Lake Udaipur, India.City Palace, Udaipur, India

  • Essentials: As soon as you enter the “city of lakes”, you will appreciate the elegance and radiance of the city. The majestic celebration, traditional fares and markets, tours of forts, palaces and desert safari; the white city have a lot to offer. So, gear up and our travel experts will tell you the do’s and must do’s of Udaipur.
  • The Lake Palace: Situated in the Jag Niwas Island amidst the waters of Lake Pichola, this striking structure was built as a summer retreat by the Maharaja of Mewar. However, this palace now functions as a heritage hotel. Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, is the most romantic hotel in the world.  It was built in 1746 as the pleasure palace of Maharana Jagat Singh II
  • The Udaipur City Palace: This monumental structure of marble and granite on the banks of Lake Pichola is a true marvel of the royal city of Udaipur. The domes, the arches, the towers specify the merge of Chinese, medieval, and European form of architecture. The city palace has total 11 palaces within the premises. The paintings, the royal furniture, the decorated walls give you a glimpse of the rich history of the Rajwaras.
  • Old City Tour: Well, if you are an adventure freak, Udaipur has a lot to offer. Desert Safari, helicopter joy ride and cycling tour of the city are a few of activities that get one’s adrenalin pumping. Cycling through the old city takes you back in history. The sprawling bazaar that was built in the mid 1800s will definitely stun you with its handicraft and design arts.
Places to hang around

  • Lake Pichola: This beautiful lake can be summarized as the identity of Udaipur. The 4km long man-made water body offers you a lot. Many of the marvels of the Maharana era, especially The City Palace and The Lake Palace are on the banks of this lake. One cannot give them a miss while travelling to Udaipur. The boat rides in the Lake, a royal ambience with a touch of grace; romance is redefined here. Udaipur is a city with interconnected lakes and if you are with family, Lake Fatehsagar Lake is the place for you. The adjacent Nehru Park and a zoo nearby make it a perfect paradise for children.
  • Museums: For history lovers, this museum offers you a sneak peak in the splendid history of the Royal family  of Rajasthan. If you want to expose yourself to the folk art of Rajasthan, Bharitya Lok Kala Museum is the place for you. On display, one can easily witness the collection of Rajasthani art and music. An insight to the grand and royal life of the Maharana, a very impressive collection of tribal jewelry, music instrument puppets and paintings will mesmerize you for sure. Vintage Classic car museum, a former state garage now a well operational museum has 22 car collections of the Maharajas. A 1934 Phantom (Rolls- Royce), 1938 Cadillac seven-seated and others are awe-inspiring. This museum gives you a peep into the regal lifestyle of the Royals in Udaipur.
  • Where to Shop: The bazaar of Udaipur reeks with ethnic and ascetic values of Udaipur. If you are interested in a variety of handicrafts and folk arts of Rajasthan then, Hathi Pol Bazaar is the place for you. Famous for its miniature paintings, the place is a delight for art lovers. Nagra slipper, made from camel skin with beautiful embroidery ought to be on your list. Bada Bazaar for traditional Rajasthani dresses and décor jootis is a must visit. It is the best place to acquire a souvenir. Apart from these markets, go to Chetak circle where you can stumble on puppets, jewelry, toys. Lastly Rajasthali, the one true stop for artistic things. It displays everything from puppets to marbles, textile, furniture, turban, idols, and paintings and oxidized silver jewelry all at one place.
  • Where to eat: Udaipur offers a variety of options for food lovers. From well maintained high end palace hotels to delicious and affordable Rajasthani food, one can have numerous mouth watering prospects in here. The morning tea by the Lake Side, royal lunch at the Fort Palace, evening snacks at the local street markets, evening drinks in the outdoor seating and finally a romantic dinner at the Lake Palace; you just can’t get enough! Ambari restaurant at the banks of lake specializes in Laal Maas (traditional Rajasthani Meat curry), Devigarh Fort Palace for romantic evening and Boharwadi Falafils for the taste of Arabian food in the desert are some place that one can sought. For a street food junkie, Ayad ka Samosa, Lala ki Kacchori and Jalebi at Delhi gate; a few of the well-known street food stalls in Udaipur.

 Colorful traditional shoes for sale in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

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  • Relaxing Boat Ride: A marvel within itself, a city of Lakes within desert; Udaipur offers you a peaceful stay amidst hot surroundings. From lone wanderers to couples on a romantic trip, Udaipur has a lot to offer to one and all. Sunset cruise at Lake Pichola is highly recommended.
  • Fairs and festivals: If you ever want to grasp the dynamism of the people of Desert, grasp it during fairs and festivals. Mewar festival and Shilpgram Crafts fairs are the two most vibrant and colorful festivals held in Udaipur. Mewar festival is celebrated along with Gangaur festival in Jaipur. Mewar festival is observed to welcome the onset of spring. The Shilpgram Fair is organized to showcase the traditional arts and crafts of Rajasthan. It is a perfect place to try out handicrafts, hand woven clothes and mirror work.
  • Arts and Heritage Markets: If you really appreciate the old age art and heritage of Rajasthan, visit all the local markets and witness the beauty in the hands of traditional artists. An ideal blend of modernization and old traditional ethics, Udaipur presents a perfect opportunity for the folk artists to showcase their finesse.
Good to know
  • Placed in the deserts, the climate of Udaipur is habitually hot. A visit during monsoons is highly recommended. Enchanting lakes add to the charm of the City. The days here can be hot, so a stroll along the streets in the evening is a delight.
  • Wet face wipes and water bottles should be handy during the day time.
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