What Nepal taught me in three weeks?

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal– Source unknown

Is it relatable to you? I sure can relate to it because I have done both and I honestly feel adventure is more my calling! Life as we know it can be adventurous every day, if you want it to be.

After months and months of contemplating on penning down my thoughts about my 3 weeks in Nepal last year in March, here I am, finally sitting down to write about it. Truth be told, it is not an easy job to do, because it is one very fascinating country sandwiched between China and India. Filled with so much adventure and culture that it can leave any traveler feeling the true immensity of life on this planet.

From the moment you land in Nepal, there is a certain sense of euphoria that enters your soul and reaches so deep that it becomes a part of you for a long time coming. In the three weeks that we spent here, we met some of the most generous people, saw and learnt about their beautiful history, and ate absolutely delicious food. A smile can go a long way – they say, multiply that with the population of the country, now imagine how far we went with that. The big warm smile on every person’s face you pass by and the Namaste that goes along with it, made us realize just how simple life is if you want it to be. My friend and I were lucky to get the opportunity to explore Nepal with a few locals here, who made sure that by the end of the 3 weeks we are left with emotions so high that not even a bottle of rum can fix!

We spent most of our time in the capital city – Kathmandu, as it was our base. A busy city bustling with people, and vehicles equally. The drive from the airport to our hotel should have taken about 15 to 20 mins, but the incredible traffic caused due to constructions all over the city took us almost an hour. Construction of roads and buildings that were destroyed during the devastating April 2015 earthquake that shook us all. It was heartbreaking to see all those half broken walls, which once stood erect with not a scratch on them. It was also very overwhelming at the same time to see the strength of those very people who were victims of a natural calamity that come with no warnings.

Why am I stressing on the people so much? For only the simplest reason known to us – it is us the people who make a nation what it is and it is us who destroy it. But here, it was the people who were building it from ground up, from a destruction caused by a common enemy. The dedication and unity of the people is what made me realize that Nepal is so much more than just the Himalayas – It is so special and there is so much magic in the air.

During the day we would walk through every tiny alley we could find, because there is no better way to explore and this is the perfect way to become one with the place. If we weren’t looking at every exquisite World Heritage Site that this place has to offer, then we were stalking food. We found treasure for food every time, nothing we ate left us disappointed. Rice happens to be the staple here, along with some form of lentils or a curry to accompany it with. Out of all the delectable dishes we laid our eyes and hands on, the Momo’s were undeniably my favorite! The next best thing is, not a soul judges you for wanting to eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I don’t plan on writing endless number of words in this one blog to describe the profound feelings I experienced during my time in Nepal, but I do intend to give you a vivid picture one chapter at a time and perhaps even hoping that you are able to live those ecstatic moments with me.

To be continued..

Barsha Rani
Travel Expert

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