Being the perfect co-flyer

Who doesn’t like travelling? Let’s rephrase that — who doesn’t like to travel comfortably? Everyone’s looking to travel in the best way possible, with the best possible seats and of course with the best people around. Not everyone has the luxury to travel with the best seats but everyone should have the bliss of traveling in peace.

Everyone wants to cherish good memories of their travel diaries. You want to have a comfortable time, so does your co-flyer. So, it might help if you take a “we’re-in-this-together approach.” And who knows? Maybe you’ll meet some nice people.

So, here are some tips how you could make your flying experience better for yourself and for your co-flyer.

  1. Respect your space and the space of those around you– Always use your space diligently and respect other’s space. No one likes the person who uses the space under all three seats, has a carry-on bag that doesn’t quite fit in the overhead bin, takes over both the arm rests and reclines as far back as the chair allows. The arm rests are narrow, so it’s important that you show some respect to the people either side of you and reclining too much could limit the leg space of the person behind you making him/her uncomfortable. Limit what you take on board the plane to a small bag that fits in the overhead bin and another item that fits easily under the seat in front of yours.
  2. Talking is good, talking excessively is not– Many people enjoy flying in peace, so before you start the talk with the person in the neighboring seat, learn to take a hint. You might want to introduce yourself when you sit down to get the feel of the other person’s mood, but if he/she quickly dismisses you by opening a book/magazine, be respectful and stop talking!
  3. Be aware of your movement– Constant up and down movement can be annoying especially for those in the row whose feet you keep trampling. If you are one of those who cannot hold it for the entire duration, then make sure you don’t drink too much fluids that you’ll have to go again. Choose an aisle seat and let someone have the window seat.
  4. Don’t bring your kitchen to the plane– As much as anyone loves their food, especially home food, it is not cool to open your big box of home made ‘muli ki paranthe’ or any food item with a strong odor. We get it that you absolutely love them, but your co-flyers may not.
  5. Communication with Airline Personnel– When communicating with an airline personnel, it’s important to be courteous. They have big responsibilities to make sure all flyers arrive at their destination safely and on time, and they deserve to be treated with all due respect. Don’t waste your time and theirs by chatting with them for too long as someone else might genuinely need their attention.
  6. Germs– If you are ill, it’s best you avoid taking the flight as the small space in the fuselage of a plane practically insures that your germs are spread, even during a short flight. However, if you cough or sneeze, do so in the crook of your elbow and away from others. Carry a fragrance-free hand sanitizer and use it whenever you touch a common area to prevent the spread of germs.

Follow these golden rules, and you are good to go! Happy flying!

Being the perfect co-flyer
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