Rejuvenation holidays in India

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Intoxicating. Wonderful. Beautiful. Chaotic. Crazy. Colorful—India can be described by all these words and so many more. This beautiful land is a colorful potpourri of culture and beauty and its massive size and population can definitely teach every traveler a thing or two about how important it is to rejuvenate oneself every once in a while. From a relaxed vacation in the Himalayas to the tranquil South of India, we bring to you 5 places that are a must visit if you want to escape the stress of life and come out as a newer, happier and rejuvenated person:

  1. Ananda Rejuvenation, Himalayas

Ananda is a world famous destination spa located in the Himalayas, India and it constructed on a king’s palace estate. For holistic wellness and rejuvenation there’s no better place to immerse oneself than Ananda. Traditional Indian practices are used in the therapies here, which are also personalized/ customized according to the individual’s needs (to relax, de stress and cleanse). Exploring one’s mental and physical well-being can be done here with the exercise, diet and other activity plans that are available to restore one’s vitality.

Located in the serene and tranquil part of the Himalayas, Ananda offers world class facilities inside the enchanting palace and will definitely make any explorer’s vacation truly unforgettable.

Ananda also takes great pride in combining nature and chic elegant living by offering a varied selection of rooms that offer breath taking views and luxury that will surely make it an extraordinary experience.

  1. Kalari Kovilakom, CGH Hotel

Kalari Kovilakom can be described as a royal road to healing and rejuvenation because of its stunning palatial setting and the intensive wellness programs based on Ayurveda that it offers. Travelers have described this destination as a chance to begin life all over again.

Set in the ancient palace of Vengunad Kingdom in God’s own county- Kerala, this retreat resort provides treatments that the Rajas of Vengunad had in ancient times with its therapy packages that combine yoga and Ayurvedic treatments that are said to transform an individual both physically and spiritually.

Evenings here are unsullied by the sounds of the chaotic city and is brought alive with hymns and chanting that will leave you energetic and refreshed.

At Kalari Kovilakom, detoxification starts from within and the individual is put on a diet of medicated ghee and herbal water along with a light diet to eliminate all the toxins before a treatment is done for optimal results. After detoxification of the body, treatments and massages are done using herbal leaves, medicated oils and powder pouches!

  1. Swaswara Ayurveda, South India

Set in a short distance away from the beautiful village of Gokarna, the serene coconut trees and rolling hills form part of the stunning landscape here which houses 24 villas that offer a one of a kind experience.

The holiday experience here combines Ayurveda, yoga, an organic and holistic diet, music and art, and way of living that is designed to relax, rejuvenate and restore the balance in life. Some of the programs offered here are Shanti (experienced yogis are taught a deeper appreciation for yoga and it’s healing power), Prana (for de stressing and relief from circulation, sinus, arthritis related issues, depending upon individual’s need), Swastha (for cleansing and detoxification of mind and body).

  1. Nileshwara Hermitage, Bekel

This tropical gem is hidden in the secluded palm grove in Kasargode in northern Kerala and is one of the most luxurious resorts in India with its perfect combination of vacation packages that includes Ayurveda and ancient techniques that are sure to rejuvenate one.

The stay here is said to nourish the mind, soul and body with their wellness programs that starts off with a doctor’s consultation, includes 100% organic medicines along with natural spa treatments and yoga.

The yoga program takes place in the stunning Patanjali yoga hall close to the beach and includes Ashtanga meditation sessions, pranayama, deep concentration techniques like Samadhi, Pranic energy meditation, and Prana that is sure to relieve all forms of stress and make you feel like a new, more energetic you.

The meeting table/ Sangam is one of the most unique features here: a meeting table is present in each restaurant where travelers who are alone can meet others like themselves and have amazing adventures together while feeling rejuvenated at the same time.

  1. Amanbhag, Rajasthan

The Amanbhag hotel is a Mughal style Rajasthani retreat nestled a short distance away from the Sariska National park, away from the bustle of the city. The former palace has 40 suites that have colorful gardens and beautiful Mughal architecture with marble interiors.  Each suite has a private terrace and a marble bathtub and faces the stunning landscape that once housed the Maharajas.

The surroundings of the hotel consists of ruins of the ancient forts and empire and is a stone’s throw away from the Sariska National park which is home to the Sambar deer, tigers and jaguars and also very close to the temple town of Neelkanth.

The spa facility here offers everything from massages, facials, scrubs and henna art, all done by skilled experts that is sure to soothe both body and mind and use only the purest of ingredients to rejuvenate and transform a person.


Rejuvenation holidays in India
Parallels and Meridians

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