Sri Lanka’s Must see: Colombo – Calm and Scintillating

Calm and Scintillating Colombo; A visit to Srilanka

My country and land like no other, just like my mother, I wouldn’t want another. So special to me in different but in every way. I shall bring forth dignity not tomorrow but everyday. That’s what the capital city Colombo means to Sri-lanka.

The city breathes life and vitality into all those who settle here, putting modernism and culture in one shoe, Colombo welcomes heartily all individuals who visit this city. Sri-Lanka also known as the island country, is one the most popular tourist destinations. White sands, beaches, lakes, forests and the Sun, Colombo is a perfect mash-up.

It is the splendid architecture of Colombo that leaves everyone spellbound. With the tagline of the commercial centre and the largest city of Sri-Lanka, Colombo has well managed to execute its historical and modern tales. Being the financial centre of Sri-Lanka, it can be the most expensive as well as the cheapest place on Srilanka, as you will see it. Colombo is a busy and vibrant place with a mixture of modern life, colonial buildings and ruins.

The journey of this city was not easy as we think. From being a mere trade city to the main administrative city of Srilanka, the journey always demands attention. In one simple word, Colombo is the city of vibe. And if you are one of the tourists who wants to feel the vibe, Colombo is waiting for you.

Top essentials

Being a heritage town with a colonial tagline, it has many historical places to visit which will leave you awestruck. Not only that, being the trade centre, administrative centre and financial centre of the country, Colombo demands a great deal, politically as well as economically.

  1. Independence Square –Are you a history junkie? The national monument of Sri-Lanka, this is the symbol of gaining independence from the British in 1948. Purely Sri-Lankan architecture.
  2. National Museum – Do you want to get back in time, into the colonial era? The Italian structures National Museum was built in the British era. It holds the signs of the historic glory of Sri-Lanka as well as pain and sufferings of the people in past years.
  3. Colombo Fort – One of the main attractions for Historians in Colombo. It was made by Portuguese and was later developed by Dutch. It is located on the harbour. Certainly a paradise for history lovers.
  4. Colombo lighthouse – It was established on 1980. It is a clock tower, and, a lantern was added later.

Where to hang around

As I said before, Colombo is the city of vibe. The vibe changes from time to time. In daytime, when this city looks like a busy city with so much political burden. And if you want to grab the essence of that vibe differently, experience the night life in Colombo.

  1. The Barnesburry
  2. The Manchester
  3. Arabian Knights
  4. Sky Lounge
  5. Curve Tapas Bar
  6. Cheers pub
  7. ZAZA Bar
  8. The t-lounge

Where to shop

Shopping in Colombo is one of the highlights of this city. With modern shopping malls, there are many markets spread around this city. Let’s take a look

  1. Odel – The best shopping mall in the city, Odel is synonymous with Colombo. From luxurious things to cheap things, one can get everything here.
  2. The factory outlet – If you are looking for casual outfits, this place is where you ought to go.
  3. Avirate – Stands as sensuality, hello luxury shopping lovers. Louis Vuitton or Jimmy Choo?
  4. Paradise Road – Street shopping at its best, heaven for cheap products, it is all about bargaining here.
Apart from these, there are other places like Cottage craft, Laksala, Arpico and Barefoot for shopaholics. Ahannn

Where to eat

Have you been wanting to visit India only for its food, so here’s good news for you. So obviously, the Indian food style has an impact on the foods of Sri-Lanka. The blend of Indian style and Srilankan culture has created some unique foods, like Fish ambul thiyal, Kottu, Kukul mas curry, Parippu, Lamprais, etc. Want to enlighten your taste buds. Here’s the list.

  1. Upali’s
  2. Tasty.ik
  3. Calorie Counter
  4. The Lagoon
  5. The Fab
  6. Good Market
  7. Cargill’s food city

Zoom in

  • Experience the spirituality at Gangaramaya Temple – A 2000 year old temple, holds Buddhism belief and is one of the calmest and most beautiful places of Colombo.
  • Relax Wolvendaal Church – Established during the Dutch period, this church holds abundance of historical importance with carved wooden pews, chairs, pulpit and lanterns.To experience the scenic beauty of Colombo, visit:
    • Galle Face Green – Looking for some me time? This seaside location is an enormous and elegant place in the Colombo city. A beautiful place to spend time with family or alone.
    • Viaharamahadevi Park – Formerly known as Victoria Park, it is the most beautiful and old park in Colombia. People visit this park for perfect serenity and scenic beauty.
    • Dehiwala Zoo – The only zoo in Colombo city. It has many animals and rare species of animals too. World Trade Centre– The landmark of Colombo established in 1997.

    Apart from these places, there are other famous places too, like Slave Island, Kalani Maha Raja temple, etc.

Good to know

Being the largest city and the central head of Sri-Lanka, Colombo is well connected to other parts of Sri-Lanka. It is the called the gateway of Sri-Lanka. Colombo has two airports– Bandaranaike International Airport and Ratmalana Airport. Not only that, Colombo bus service provides excellent services to different cities of Sri-Lanka. It has big highways like A1, A2, A3, A4, etc., which are well connected to other cities like Kandy, Galle, Matara, Ratnapura, etc. Not only that, by rail too Colombo is well related to the rest of Sri-Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s Must see: Colombo – Calm and Scintillating
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