How to take pictures on a solo trip

By: Parallels and Meridians

We’ve all seen blogs or Instagram pictures of travelers who seem to have travelled to exotic locations solo but still managed to click some breath taking pictures of sceneries, food, monuments and of course, themselves. How do they do it? Do they all have secret photographers or extra invisible arms? They have none! All they do have is a little patience and a couple of simple tips that can make that solo trip to your favorite destination filled with perfect pictures and memories. We bring to you a rundown of ten such simple tricks to take pictures while travelling solo:

  1. Asking a Stranger
    This is probably one of the most commonly used ways to click a picture when you are travelling alone. Though we may feel apprehensive about handing over our expensive phones or cameras to a stranger or asking them to click a picture of us, most touristy places are filled with friendly people who are always willing to help in any way they can. Also approach families with children or a group of women, as they are less likely to run away with your camera or phone. Make sure to mention exactly what picture you want to be clicked and also the more number of shots they take will increase the chance of having better pictures.
  2. Selfie stick
    Though they look a little funny when taken out in public, who cares! They are cheap and available in so many colors and get the job done. And not only can you be there in the picture/ video of the amazing place you wish to capture, you also don’t have to depend on anyone and your selfie stick can be your travel buddy.
  3. Self-timed
    Technology comes to the rescue again with this feature available on most cameras and smart phones which are perfect for a stunning solo picture with that wanderlust inspiring background. Even if that option isn’t available in your phone, you can download apps that will do the job for you. All you have to do is find some object to prop the camera or phone up against and angle it properly before you capture that perfect memory.
  4. The Panoramic
    Though this requires a little skill and practice, it is worth it! The panoramic view option makes for some great clicks (after the first few distorted ones). Hold your phone steadily and movie in along the red line on your screen and take some amazing pictures for your facebook or Instagram page.
  5. Ask your tour guide
    The best part about this tip is that he or she has probably been to that spot so many times and clicked so many pictures of tourists that they know where the light is best and which pose will make you look great while posing.
  6. Burst mode
    A lot of cameras and phones have the burst mode option which basically means that the camera will take a bunch of pictures in quick succession, each time the shutter button is clicked. If you’re indulging in any sort of adventure sports or similar travel adventures, this feature will make your pictures look great and make photography while travelling very easy.
  7. Go abstract!
    Unleash your artistic side and go abstract! So what if you’re not in the picture? Next time you’re exploring some exotic place on your own, take time to spot hidden gems and capture them! They’ll surely be inspiring conversation starters!
  8. Befriend other solo travelers
    One of the coolest things about solo travel is the chance of joining other solo travelers who have the same itinerary as you do. Not only will you make a new friend but also have someone to take cool pictures of you while you explore the place with them and bond over photo shoots and other travel experiences.
  9. Invest in a tripod and remote
    If you travel alone often then it is best to invest in a tripod stand so that you can rest the camera on it and use the self-timer to click some amazing shots of your trip. If you aren’t much of a solo traveler, in some places tripod stands are available on rent and can be taken on trips and then returned after it is done which won’t leave a dent on your budget. Make sure to get one which is compact and can easily be folded to fit into your backpack.
  10. Selfie mode on
    And if all other tricks fail, take out that smart phone and capture some adorable selfies of yourself in front of that amazing monument or beach and make sure that your selfie game is strong while making once in a lifetime kind of memories when you travel alone.
How to take pictures on a solo trip
Parallels and Meridians

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