The Five-Need-to Know phrases in Bhutanese

Phrases to help you converse in Bhutanese

The thought of having basic conversation with speakers of other languages excite the travellers in all of us. It is always pleasurable to learn new languages, especially if you’re planning a trip to a place that doesn’t necessarily speak a similar language. Here are five (or more) phrases that will help you in your visit to Bhutan.

1. Kuzuzangpo La – Hello!

Bhutan is a kingdom where tradition and culture are beautifully preserved, a place where happiness is an aspiration and Buddhism, a way of life. Politeness is cultural and ‘kuzusangpo laa’, also translated as good morning, is the best way to express it. It is the most polite way of greeting a person.

2. Chue ga de be yoe? – How are you?

This is a good conversation starter and also heart-warming for the local you are in conversation with. If anyone replies ‘Nga leshembe yoe’ give yourself a pat at the back, for they understood you and replied that he/she is fine.

3. Ema Datshi- Chilli and Cheese

Ema Datshi is the most famous dish in Bhutan. Considered the national dish, this exotic curry will satisfy your taste buds and will keep you wanting more! Normally accompanied by rice, and meat, this meal is a definite must.

4. Kadinchey La- Thank you

A friendly thank you and welcome are always encouraged in every culture! Kadinchey La is responded with ‘Tsoro bu si ma sung la’ which means welcome. Ending with a La in Bhutanese is always respectful.

5. Lok Sey Jay Gey- Good bye

Though it means good bye, this does not entirely mean farewell, it also means ‘we will meet again’; a beautiful way to part indeed.

Now you will be able to have a 5 second conversation with a local! Do not beat yourself up if you cannot manage to learn all 5 phrases and more! If it is helpful, you should know that not many tourists, I included, manage to learn all of it! I had notes to help me write this post! So relax and have fun learning them and practicing them to the locals on your travel!

The Five-Need-to Know phrases in Bhutanese
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