Top 7 tips for a healthy holiday

You’ve worked hard all year long or probably just need to escape reality and experience all the adventures an exotic city or country has to offer. After you are done booking the tickets, packing and counting down to the day of your departure, you may have forgotten a couple of important things that can either make this holiday the best holiday of your life or the worst. No, we aren’t talking about forgetting your passport or your camera, but about the list of things we need to keep in mind if we want to get through the holiday feeling healthy and happy. We love making your life easier and hence we’ve rounded up a list of 7 things you should definitely do on your holiday to stay healthy to go on all those exciting adventures you’ve always dreamed of:

1. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

This cannot be stressed enough. You do not need to book a fancy hotel with a gym to exercise. 15-20 mins of walking or jogging in place can be done inside the comfort of your room and needs no expensive or heavy equipment which also means that you now have no excuse to run away from a workout. Even yoga can be practiced inside your hotel room and it will do wonders for your circulation and help your immune system function efficiently. Not only will you have more energy to do more things on your holiday but you’ll also look great in all the selfies you click because of the improved circulation. Also when you get back home, you won’t feel guilty about all the exotic dishes you ate because it didn’t turn up on the weighing scale!

2. Drink up! Not the alcohol. Water!

If you’ve hit a party crazy city or country then we know it’s almost impossible to stay away from all the cocktails and the wine but the liquid calories that you are taking in will add up with the solid ones from the increased food intake. Yes, we know that alcohol lowers inhibitions and makes you everyone’s best friend at the party and is probably the main reason for some of the best nights of our lives but its best to stick with water as a beverage and your body will thank you for it.

3. Disinfecting wipes or sanitizers are your best friends

Whenever you use public transport on a holiday or even on the flight, keep a bottle of sanitizer or disinfecting wipes handy to keep germs away. Also while exploring a new city, your hands are subjected to a lot of bacteria that you may ingest when you eat with unclean hands, so it’s best to use a sanitizer or disinfectant wipes religiously to make sure that you enjoy your getaway without being sick.

4. Pack some sunscreen

We all love gorgeous sun kissed skin but going out in the sunlight can cause wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and the worst case scenario- skin cancer. It is best to carry and apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, every hour when you’re out and about. Your skin will love you for protecting it against aging and of course no painful sunburns.

5. Pack light healthy snacks

Because of the jet lag and change in time zone, you may end up disrupting your normal meal times by feeling hungry at odd times of the day. Resist the temptation to order fatty food from room service by packing snacks like granola bars, carrot sticks, dark chocolate or nuts to satisfy your craving and hunger without making you go overboard with all the calories.

6. Ditch the beige

By beige we mean those tempting carb dishes like fried rice or pasta that we end up binging on our vacation. Try to consume a breakfast lunch and dinner rich in proteins with a small portion of carbs so you don’t feel guilty when you stand on the weighing scale after you get home, and surely ditch the beige post 6 pm.

7. Give in but don’t fall completely off the wagon

You earned a little indulgence because you’ve been healthy the whole year so give in to your cravings but make sure to compensate for it during the next meal. Also just because you’ve broken your diet after you had a pizza in the afternoon doesn’t mean that you can have pasta for dinner because the ‘damage is already done’. Have a light meal after you’ve had a rich heavy one.

Now keep these tips in mind so you have some amazing memories and also manage to get back home feeling like the best version of yourself!

Top 7 tips for a healthy holiday
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