Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful

Each of us have experienced this at some point in our life – stress of traveling. Traveling is something we do on a daily basis, be it just traveling from home to work and back. Some of us travel quite frequently, while few others travel once or twice a year. Whatever the reason maybe for your travel, wherever you are going and even if it is your umpteenth time, traveling can get complicated sometimes, especially when fatigue in any form invades your body, mind and soul.

But here we are mainly talking about traveling for the sole purpose of a vacation. It is certainly true that packing can be quite a tedious job – if only we could teleport everywhere with the blink of an eye! Going on a holiday can make people very anxious sometimes, which may often lead to rushing at the last minute, or leaving for the airport hours before the actual reporting time. Then comes the next hurdle of standing in line to check-in. All of this put together can leave a very bitter taste in our mouth, doubting our ability to actually have a good time once we reach the destination. Don’t let this ruin your entire trip, it is all part of the experience, and make for fun stories during get-togethers with friends. In fact, we can now take care of the check-in by going on the airlines website to do a Web Check-in, so no more standing in long lines and bickering about it till it’s your turn. This facility deserves a standing ovation for making it so convenient for most of us leaving everything to the last minute!

There can be several unexpected problems along the way, such as changes to flight timings or baggage being misplaced, then comes the jet lag once you reach your destination. We need to start overlooking all of the above and only focus on the positive side to a holiday. Appreciate the beauty that stands in front of you, the new place, the new people, there is so much to explore and so much time to unwind. Before getting back in to your routine life, take a moment to treasure these times that probably come once in 6 months for the larger lot of us.

Let this time be just yours, a time that cannot be taken over by anything or anyone else. A time to feel liberated in your own bubble. We travel to escape the monotony in our lives, to discover new places, to feel that peak of happiness of being in an unknown place, to let our hair down because god knows we deserve it. Whether you are traveling solo or with company, allow yourself to experience and immerse deep in the incredible world we live in. Because at the end of it all everything we endured during these times will be beyond phenomenal.

Every moment is unique and unrepeatable, sometimes we want to go back in time not to change anything but to live those moments twice – so relish and live every part of it.

Barsha Rani
Travel Expert

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on Apr 09, 2018

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