UNESCO World Heritage Site Hopping in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is considered to be the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. It is one of the world’s most exotic, diverse and beautiful tourist destinations. Here you will find beautiful rainforests, dazzling gems, beaches covered with palm trees, cloudy mountains, and other amazing things! We’re listing eight breathatking sites to see in Sri Lanka which are world heritage sites as per UNESCO.

1. The Sacred City of Kandy:
The Sacred City of Kandy is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site. Called hill capital of Sri Lanka, this place, nearly 120 kilometres away from Sri Lanka’s capital, is located at an altitude of about 450 meters above sea level. It is famous for ‘Temple of Tooth’, ‘Kandy Lake’, Malwaththa Temple, Asgiri Temple, The Royal Botanical Gardens, and The Old Royal Palace compound. You will find many cultural performances happening at the local hotels, spend one night to experience the culture and hospitality of people of Kandy.

2. The ancient city of Sigiriya:
Sigiriya houses the old fortress of King Kasyapa of the fifth-century; it tops the list in the number of tourist visiting spots in Sri Lanka. A crucial placing facet of Sigiriya is its reflecting wall, which is painted with inscriptions and poems from that era. This fortress is recognized as one of the best examples of historic city planning because of its uniqueness, and was declared a UNESCO Heritage site in the year 1982. Sigiriya is a mixture of urban planning, water handling constructions, gardening, and arts, advanced despite the unavailability of today’s technology.

3. Polonnaruwa:
In the year 1982, Polonnaruwa also received UNESCO’s recognition as a heritage site. If you are a history lover, this place is a must-visit for you. This city had a developed culture and science, and reached a glorious but pitifully temporary zenith in the twelfth century. Although ravaged by way of invasion in the centuries that followed, much proof remains of its historical grandeur and glory. You will find the archaeological park a satisfaction to explore, with thousands of historical buildings – tombs and temples, statues and stupas – in a compact core. Some notable places to visit are Thuparama, Vatadage, NissankaLataMandapaya, The SathmahalPrasada, Gal Potha (Stone Book), PabaluVehera, Lankatilaka, NelumPokuna (Lotus Bath), and Tivanka Image House. Visiting this place will make you admire the hard work and knowledge of the people who made it.

4. Anuradhapura:
Anuradhapura was settled by Anuradha, a disciple of blue blood Vijaya the founding father of the Sinhala race. The ruins of Anuradhapura are some of South Asia’s most knowledgeable sight, the sprawling complex contains a chic collection of archaeological and architectural wonders: huge dagobas, soaring brick towers, ancient pools and crumbling temples, engineered throughout Anuradhapura’s thousand years of rule over Sri Lanka. Nowadays, many of the sites stay in use as holy places and temples.

5. Galle:
Located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Galle is a beautiful city located right next to the coast. It is one of the must-visit destinations, which is famous for its colonial buildings and amazing architecture. Places to see in Galle are Lighthouse Galle fort, Dutch Church, Maritime Archaeology Museum, Historical Mansion Museum, Rumasalla Mountain, Kottawa Jungle, Kanneliya Rain Forest Reserve, and Sri Lanka Navy Whale Watching.

6. Cave Temple Dambulla:
The caves of Dambulla were occupied in early times by Buddhist hermits. The antiquity of this place has been etched by the presence of pre-Christian inscriptions in Brahmi script right below the drip-ledge of the central cave. Dambulla’s cave temples are made of square measure cut out of a vast granite rock. Places to visit here include Dambulla Rock Temple, Cave No. 1 (Deva Raja Viharaya), Cave No. 2 (Maha Raja Viharaya), Cave No. 3 (MahaAlutViharaya), and Cave No. 4 (PaschimaViharaya).

7. Sinharaja Forest
Sinharaja forest reserve is home to almost half of Sri Lanka’s species of mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians. The forest, in October 1988, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. The main nature trails of Sinharaja Rain Forest are the peak of both Moulawella and Sinharaja. Visiting this place will give you beautiful memories of the wide verities of creatures and animals found in here.
You will find many species of deer like Sambhur,the Mouse deer, and Barking deer. Other animals commonly sighted are Leopards, Brown Mongoose, the Golden Palm Civet, and Purple-faced Leaf Monkey.
A lot of colourful birds are also found in the Sinharaja such as the Malkoha, Blue Magpie, Babbler, and the Green-billed Coucal.

8. Central Highlands of Sri Lanka
The Central Highlands of Sri Lanka have very diverse flora and fauna. Famous for its Sri Lankan leopard, it consists of three separate protected areas: Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, Knuckles Range, and Horton Plains National Park. This place is covered with beautiful green trees and has many beautiful hill tops where you can relax and enjoy the clouds passing just above your head, along with the calmness and beauty of this place.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Hopping in Sri Lanka
Parallels and Meridians

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